Jim Henson Halloween Activities #HensonHalloween

It’s almost time to celebrate Halloween and I have some fun-filled Jim Henson activities to enjoy!


Make some Yucky-Mucky Goo!

The ocean is filled with loads of interesting creatures and some can be downright spooky and yucky.  For example, our yuckiest Splash and Bubbles character Boo the Hagfish expels goo when she feels threatened! Make your own Yucky-Mucky Goo this Halloween season!


Carve Your Own Splash and Bubbles Themed Pumpkins!

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve created templates for your family to carve their own favorite Splash and Bubbles characters! Make your very own Bubbles, Splash, and Dunk themed pumpkins.


Halloween Experiments for your Whole Family to Try

Are you a curious boy like Sid? Try these Sid activities or make your own Sid the Science Kid costume that is sure to make your little one’s Halloween memorable.


Dress like Buddy for Halloween!

Is your little one looking to dress up like their favorite T-Rex for Halloween? Have no fear! We’ve got an easy, no-sew pattern for you to try and be sure to share your costumes with us on social media by using #HensonHalloween!




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