NETGEAR ReadyNAS 214 Network Storage #Netgear

Disclaimer: I am a NETGEAR Ambassador and I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and review.Netgear

ReadyNAS brings best-of-breed technologies and features with simple easy-to-use functionality. With up to 24TB of storage, download speeds up to 200MBps and full HD 1080p transcoding capability you’ll have the ultimate networked attached storage for your media-rich home.

The Netgear ReadyNASNetgear ReadyNAS 214 Storage device allows anyone to backup and save, across multiple computers, all of your most important things. Pictures, music, documents or, if you have the space, entire hard drives.

Using your existing WiFi, you can easily connect your computers to the storage system, via the web, backup and share your precious files. You can even access them when you are away from home on a smartphone or entirely different computer.
Getting the device set up and installed is very straightforward and the instructions provided walk you through each step of the process. It should take no more than 10  minutes or so to get everything set up and installed. The storage is managed through a website called ReadyCLOUD where you create an account, for free. Once you have created the account you will be able to set up your Ready NAS, create accounts who can access your backups and create directories where you want everything stored.
The layout of the folders is much like an FTP program and the Explorer view when navigating the files on your PC. You can add folders, move them around, rename them and move items from one folder to another within the site. Adding files to the storage is as simple as dragging and dropping them from your PC into the storage folder you want to use.
Through the admin panel, you will be to check on the status of the NAS, get firmware updates, manage users and check the performance of the ReadyNAS 214.
The ReadyNAS has 4 bays that can each hold a separate drive allowing for up to 4GB of storage. This gives you the freedom to backup as much as you need knowing it will be safe and sound and accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the ReadyCLOUD app.

This is a great backup and storage system for a home with multiple computers and with a lot of pictures, music or movies on them because, using the Plex Media Server you can turn the ReadyNAS into a multimedia server for the whole house. This will let you stream music, pictures and music stored on the Ready NAS to any compatible system in the house. Not only that but there a bunch more apps available for use making this a very versatile device.
The Netgear ReadyNAS 214 is an excellent storage/sharing system for any household or even small business who wants an easy to use and expandable way to protect and share the things most important on your PC.